Senin, 29 Desember 2008

Download eBook “Faith” - Collection of Islamic Articles

This eBook is only a bunch of my writings that I sent to internet. Some people have read and enjoyed it.

The original version is in Indonesian language. It is in I translate it into English hoping more people could know about the teachings of Islam. Well, the translation is onluy about 10%. I will try to translate it more so the eBook become more complete. I have been working also as an IT manager. So be patient. Every update will be periodically uploaded into

My focus is in Faith/Aqeedah. This is the very basic of being Muslim. If a Muslim has a strong faith, insha Allah he/she will become a good Muslim. Remember, without faith, all of our deeds will be rejected by Allah.

Well, I just do what I can. You can help me a lot by forward it to your friends or family.

You could download the eBook “Faith” by clicking:

May Allah bless us all!

Agus Nizami

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  1. mmmm, i will download it now

  2. subhanallah

  3. Thank's 4 the ebook.

  4. Sama-sama.
    Doakan ya agar ada penerbit Islam yang mau menerbitkan bukunya...